Some people say I’m lazy…

a slacker, who need’s be watched over every minute or I won’t do my job. It’s laughable really. I was gonna post about this on my facebook page, but since my co-workers visit there a lot, and some of this might offend them, I will take it here instead. Let me break this down for you;

I got my first job when I was 11. I had a paper route. You know back when that was still a thing. I had to get myself up every morning by 4 am, sometimes earlier. I had to fold my papers, put rubber bands on them, sometimes bags (did you know paper boys actually have to buy their supplies). I had to collect money from customers once a month, unless their had auto payments.

I started doing theatre when I was 14 years old. Working crew on shows in high school. Zero pay, but still we had job to do and deadlines to meet. I was a Stage Manager, Costumer, and deck crew. By the age of 17 I was working as a volunteer for a community theatre, while still in high school and dealing with duties as co-Editor of the Yearbook. Again dealing with deadlines and real world issues. If  we messed up it cost us $$ to fix.

I got my first full time job at age 19, while still working as a volunteer at the theatre. I took on  a second full time job at age 23, while still working my first full time job and my volunteer job.

Still some say I am lazy and need watching over.

After leaving my first full time job I took on several part time jobs, sometimes overlapping, while still having a full time job. Two Christmas’s in a row I took on a second full time time and a part time job, thus working three jobs at one time.

I am still at my theatre job, going on 14 years full time and 20 as a volunteer. I do part time volunteer work at two theatre’s, I am a freelance photographer on the side.

And still people say I am lazy and forgetful.

I don’t get vacations. I have had 4 since I started here. Two of them for funerals (I was away for a total of 3 work days for each of those). While my co-workers will take two or three trips a year. I work Monday – Friday 9-5, while my manager co-worker pulls Monday-Friday 9-4. Oh sure she has to leave early because, like me, she volunteers at the theatre at night, but she needs to go home shower and eat first.

I laugh, on the occasion that I come to work late, you know cause I have a doctors appointment or car issue, the office is never open because my manager co-worker forgot to open the place. She forgets to answer the phones, forgets when its payday, forgets when she has meetings, forgets… but I am lazy, and need watching over or I will forget things.

It’s laughable really.

Sorry just needed to vent a little. I’ve always been told, when it comes to certain people, those who can do, those who can’t manage. I guess that is why she is the manager I am just the worker bee.




Sorry bout it!

People who look 10 years older than me often get pissed to learn I’m actually 20 years older than them. Sorry bout it. I age better. 

Stay out of the sun and you won’t age as fast. 

Five year plan 

So we decided last week to set into motion a five year plan. What sort of plan you may be asking, or maybe not. Well a plan to move. Hawaii for one is very expensive. No one really retires here anymore, unless you are born wealthy. California was my first choice. I love the weather, and it’s where Disneyland is. But ultimately we decided on Illinois, but not Chicago. Naperville. A small town in the suburbs. Cheaper than Hawaii, less crime than Chicago, some nice houses we could actually afford. 

The five year plan is in motion. Step one is start paying off bills and savibng. I have stated many times I don’t want to leave my job until I am financially secure. So that means tightening the already tight purse strings. Stop the careless spending. Pay off the credit card bills. 

Wish me luck. 


Can I get a pat down?

So I’ve been reading a lot of people complaining about TSA pat downs. How people feel violated. Personal!y I don’t mind a good TSA pat down. I got nothing to hide. You wanna rub my junk, fine by Mr. But just know if you find something hard down there, its your own fault. I sometimes ponder just strippimg down to my underwear when I fly. Give them a show. 

My other office

It’s not my usual view (I usually Stage Manage at my theatre) it’s my sometimes office. I’ve had the pleasure of spending the last two christmas holidays (last year and this year) at DHT, working their Christmas shows. 

Last year I was one of the Stage Managers. This year I get to sit in my little booth next door. Read a book, eat some cookies (a gift from my secret Santa) and relax. 

When cleaning backfires…

When you spend the afternoon on your hands and knees, scrubbing your floors. They are finally nice and white again. Then you pick your man up from rehearsal. 

“Babe why do you smell like you were in the middle of a circle jerk and everyone left a load.”  — Thanks babe.