Sorry bout it!

People who look 10 years older than me often get pissed to learn I’m actually 20 years older than them. Sorry bout it. I age better. 

Stay out of the sun and you won’t age as fast. 


Can I get a pat down?

So I’ve been reading a lot of people complaining about TSA pat downs. How people feel violated. Personal!y I don’t mind a good TSA pat down. I got nothing to hide. You wanna rub my junk, fine by Mr. But just know if you find something hard down there, its your own fault. I sometimes ponder just strippimg down to my underwear when I fly. Give them a show. 

My other office

It’s not my usual view (I usually Stage Manage at my theatre) it’s my sometimes office. I’ve had the pleasure of spending the last two christmas holidays (last year and this year) at DHT, working their Christmas shows. 

Last year I was one of the Stage Managers. This year I get to sit in my little booth next door. Read a book, eat some cookies (a gift from my secret Santa) and relax. 

When cleaning backfires…

When you spend the afternoon on your hands and knees, scrubbing your floors. They are finally nice and white again. Then you pick your man up from rehearsal. 

“Babe why do you smell like you were in the middle of a circle jerk and everyone left a load.”  — Thanks babe. 

The big Squid

I’m not gonna lie. The very idea of this scares me a little. I mean if I ever encounter a big squid I want it to be like one of those giant Sub eating squids. Not one that looks like it was run over by a car. 

Whitewashing Hollywood 

Ok for this one we must have you dig deep into your knowledge of Tim Burton films. Are you ready. Here we go. People want to boycott Tim Burton films because there is an article about how he only casts white people in his movies. Now keep in mind he has had out movies now for what 20 years and it took him pointing it out for anyone to notice. And now they are upset.